-- fresh work pro --

FRESH WORK PRO footwear refresher sachets effectively neutralize unpleasant odours that form when footwear is in use, showing deodorizing and refreshing effects. The combination of a mineral sorbent that absorbs moisture with a pleasant fragrance composition keeps footwear dry and smelling fresh. In addition, an ingredient that exhibits bacteriostatic properties was used in the sachets.

Directions for use: Remove the sachets from plastic packaging and insert into footwear. It is recommen-ded that the sachets remain in the footwear at least overnight. The sachets should be removed from the footwear directly prior to use. They might be inserted in a different pair of shoes or secured in a plastic packaging that is impermeable to odour. Product intended for multiple use. It retains its properties for up to 3 months. Store in a dry and cool place.
Composition: natural aluminosilicates, fragrance.