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Moulded insoles made of PU foam covered with textile material, with a TPE gel pad in the heel and metatarsal area. Perforation in the front ensures quick air exchange under the feet and wicks away sweat from them. The insoles ensure a feeling of softness and comfort and isolate your feet from the hard ground. The red gel pad with honeycomb structure absorbs micro-shocks caused by walking. The gentle support of the longitudinal arch and the heel pad increase the area of foot contact with the ground and stabilise the position of the hindfoot. The bottom layer of the insoles has anti-slip properties, which prevents the them from moving inside the shoe. The use of insoles reduces foot fatigue and heel pain. They are intended for active people and for use at work, especially for employees who work in a standing position or must walk frequently.
Instructions for use and cleaning: Before use, adjust the insoles to the size and shape of the footwear by cutting them at the tip with scissors. Remove damp insoles from shoes after prolonged use and dry them at room temperature away from heat sources. Dirty insoles can be wiped with a damp cloth and left to dry.

36-41 (woman)
40-46 (men)

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Basic functions of insoles: