Each worker is a walker. The work of almost every blue collar worker is related to walking, moving. It often involves also a difficult working environment in unfavourable conditions, extreme temperatures. In such work, shoes are a very important element of equipment.
They must be comfortable, but also have to meet a number of requirements, which affects the comfort and quality of work. When necessary, they isolate from cold, moisture, help the feet breathe, protect them from chafes and abrasions, as well as from injuries when feet are exposed to them.
In short - these shoes take care of hard working feet of all hard-working people. Shoes used in such extreme conditions, exposed to harmful factors, wear off very easily. However, like for any shoes, so also for the shoes of hard-working people, you have to care for them in order to extend their "life" and make wearing them more pleasant or simply possible. Hence we present the Worker Walker products for the care of shoes of hard-working people.