-- actiflex pro --

Moulded insoles made of proprietary, open-cell POLIYOU® foam, durable textile material and two ‘antishock’ foam elements. POLIYOU® foam provides exceptional hygienic properties, thanks to which the insoles are ‘breathable’, easily absorb moisture and effectively reduce the unpleasant odour of sweat decomposed by bacteria. Foam elements in the heel and forefoot area provide softness and cushioning to the areas of the foot most affected by standing and walking. The ACTIFLEX PRO insoles are great for footwear used at work. Directions for use: Choose the right size of the insoles. If the insoles are too long, trim to fit the size and shape of the shoe. Dispose of the used product in the bin for mixed waste.

Size: 38 - 46

Art. 99_2051

Basic functions of insoles: